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Blast It Clean It Paint It P/L offer a complete service that includes a maintenance program, removing all graffiti on a rotational basis. The rotational schedule will identify hot spots which need to be visited fortnightly, other sites will be prioritised according to visibility/obscene nature, hit rate etc… It is […]

Do you offer a graffiti removal maintenance program?

Improved Corrosion Protection Lower Repetitive Preservation Costs Increased Safety for the Crew Ability to Customize Formulations No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Reduced Down Time Due to Instant Set Proven in a Variety of Industrial Applications Approved for Incidental Contact with Food Approved for Contact with Portable Water

Reasons for choosing Polyurea.

Polyurea requires a clean surface to bond to. The surface will require sand blasting, high-pressure cleaning or acid etching prior to application. The product can then be applied with an airless spray unit giving it a 1000 microns (1mm) thickness in only one pass. Thus enabling quick application time.

What type of surface preparation is required?