Anti-Graffiti Range

Protective Coatings

  • Anti-Graffiti Range protects against all graffiti pollution
  • 5-10 year product performance guarantee
  • Permanent Coatings for Murals
  • 3 -10 years product performance guarantee
  • UV Resistant
  • Hard Wearing
  • Very good stability to environmental pollution
  • Minimal to no physical change to appearance
  • Re-coatable

Graffiti penetrates unprotected surfaces. Graffiti does cause the façade to deteriorate by preventing moisture to escape. Concrete walls can turn to powder. Walls may contract damp rot and salt fissures.

The graffiti sits on the surface of the Anti-Graffiti Shield rather than penetrating the surface and can be simply removed with our removers with no damage to the surface whatsoever.

The Anti-Graffiti Shield(s) can be applied at the time of construction and comes in clear gloss and matt finishes.

Maintenance removal programs reduce graffiti vandalism though this will vary by site. Our experience indicates that anywhere from a 25-50% reduction in graffiti vandalism can occur within 6-12 mths of constant surveillance.

Our Graffiti removers are compatible with the Anti-Graffiti Shield/Products and only attack the graffiti, leaving the Anti-Graffiti Shield in its original condition.

Anti-Grafitti Mural