About Us

Blast It Clean It Paint It expanded into Polyurea Coatings for all our clients in 04/05 which has now led us into the field of Road & Railway Bridge, Rail & Road Tunnel Lining & Waterproofing Service Systems. These systems are also provided for the Primary & Secondary Containment within the Water Industry. These systems provide rapid, abrasion & chemical resistant solutions for waterproofing these critical infrastructure projects. We are able to provide a holistic turnkey solutions for major & minor infrastructure projects.

Bomb Blast Mitigation as well as Structural Strengthening of Critical Infrastructure is something that can be provided on a needs basis using these systems.

Blast It Clean It Paint It we are the first Australasian contractors to introduce Sodium Bi-Carbonate Technology (Bi-Carb) abrasive blasting & cleaning in the early 90’s. Since then our company has taken this technology into the Marine, Defence, Petrochemical Industry & Local Government with great success.

From CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) projects in the Petrochemical Industry to abrasive blasting & painting of a Russian Foxtrot Class Submarine whilst in transit between countries and sealing of Dams with Polyurea prior to spilling has put our Company among pioneer leaders when it comes to undertaking extremely large & difficult logistical projects.

With that in mind our systems combined with our knowledge on major projects is why we can achieve a successful outcome for you.


Zero incident record.

‘Our commitment as a company is to ensure that Blast It Clean It Paint It Pty Ltd employees and the public, are not exposed to risks to their health and safety arising out of our company’s or employees business or undertaking.’



“Our aim is to exceed customers expectation”