What is the advantage of your graffiti removal maintenance program?

Maintenance removal programs reduce graffiti vandalism though this will vary by site.

Our experience indicates that anywhere from a 25-50% reduction in graffiti vandalism can occur within 6-12 mths of constant surveillance.

Do you offer a graffiti removal maintenance program?

Blast It Clean It Paint It P/L offer a complete service that includes a maintenance program, removing all graffiti on a rotational basis.

The rotational schedule will identify hot spots which need to be visited fortnightly, other sites will be prioritised according to visibility/obscene nature, hit rate etc…

It is guaranteed that each site will be inspected at a minimum monthly.

The graffiti is digitally photographed before removal and then this image will be attached to the invoice.

What surfaces can be cleaned of graffiti?

Our graffiti removers work on a broad range of surfaces: Non-Porous & Porous surfaces aluminum, stainless steel, baked finishes, ceramic tile, marble, polished granite, brick, concrete, wood, colourbond and aggregate coating.

Reasons for choosing Polyurea.

  • Improved Corrosion Protection
  • Lower Repetitive Preservation Costs
  • Increased Safety for the Crew
  • Ability to Customize Formulations
  • No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
  • Reduced Down Time Due to Instant Set
  • Proven in a Variety of Industrial Applications
  • Approved for Incidental Contact with Food
  • Approved for Contact with Portable Water

What type of material does Polyurea adhere to?

Polyurea can bond to most surfaces – steel, aluminum, timber, concrete, fiberglass, rubber, polystyrene and plastic surfaces.

What Chemicals is Polyurea resistant to?

Polyurea is resistant to most solvents, acids, pool chlorine, auto fuel, diesel fuel, paints, bleaches, organic solvents, fertilisers and much more.

What type of surface preparation is required?

Polyurea requires a clean surface to bond to. The surface will require sand blasting, high-pressure cleaning or acid etching prior to application. The product can then be applied with an airless spray unit giving it a 1000 microns (1mm) thickness in only one pass. Thus enabling quick application time.

What is the drying time after the application of Polyurea?

Professionally applied, the surface dries in 3 to 5 seconds. In the first five minutes the product achieves 90% of its hardness and tensile strength. Within 24 hours the product has achieved 100% of its curing requirements.

What thickness Can Polyurea be applied?

Polyurea can be sprayed on from a 1mm thickness to 200mm, depending on your requirements.

Does Polyurea dampen vibrations?

Polyurethane thermal plastic helps dampen vibrations. The product is flexible enough to absorb a degree of movement between components.

Why is Polyurea application cost effective?

No undercoats or waiting for additional coats to dry before application and repairs. To rebuild on wear areas it is as simple as respraying on existing material, saving on plant down time and application costs.

Is Polyurea easily repairable?

Blast It Clean It Paint It P/L Polyurea product will easily mould on to existing Polyurea products to giving you a brand new surface.

Does Polyurea provide a watertight seal?

The products from Polyurea are all water resistant and 100% solid material, not allowing any water impregnation’s to the under side surfaces.

Can Polyurea be easily repaired?

Blast It Clean It Paint It P/L can repair the Polyurea if damage or wear has occurred, repairs can be carried out by simply buffing back or high pressure cleaning to rough up the surface. Then re-apply the product. Thus minimising down time.